What you get with Tim Houlihan

Solid experience, a passion for behavioral sciences and a good laugh.

1. Real World Experience

In my work career, I've sold typewriters and laser printers, developed marketing campaigns for software companies (from Peachtree to Great Plains to Adobe), was an early member of the Software Publishers Association, wrote patents for customer loyalty platforms and goal setting tools, created sales incentives and employee engagement programs, and was responsible for developing a $300,000,000 portfolio of global performance improvement platforms that operate in 47 countries in more than 20 languages. 

My insights from sales, technology, product development, program design and global marketing are key to my work. 

2. Real Passion for Behavioral Sciences

My work environment has allowed me to create and operate research projects with Dan Ariely, PhD (Duke University), Francesca Gino, Phd (Harvard University), Victoria Schaffer, PhD (University of Missouri), Ran Kivetz, PhD (Columbia University), Patti Norberg, PhD (Quinnipiac University), Scott Jeffrey, PhD (Monmouth University), Saurabh Bhargava, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University) and George Loewenstein, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University), among others.

I've studied the working environment of sales incentives and employee engagement at companies with as many as 450,000 employees and as small as firms with 25,000 employees in the Midwestern United States.

My articles have been published in World at Work and Sales & Marketing Management magazines and I've spoken at hundreds of client forums in the United States, South America and Europe. 

The insights gained from working with Fortune 1000 firms and Global 100 firms are brought to bear in my work.


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