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St. Louis Park, MInnesota

February 21, 2019

Behavioral Grooves is partnering with Brave New Workshop’s Happy Hour Squared (HH2) to accomplish two things:

1. A temporary space for Behavioral Grooves while Cooper is under renovation (in the upstairs theatre of the Brave New Workshop).

2. Charitable work by making sandwiches for hungry homeless people at Happy Hour Squared (in the downstairs meeting space at Brave New Workshop).

We are excited about this new partnership with Brave New Workshop and the opportunity to contribute to Happy Hour Squared.  If you have not seen or heard of it, here is a brief description:

The Brave New Workshop Theatre (BNW) has partnered with FINNEGANS, Inc (charitable beer company) to reinvent happy hour, with the goal of feeding the hungry and serving the community. The innovative monthly event, held at the BNW’s ETC event centre in downtown Minneapolis, is dubbed “Happy Hour Squared.”

As a result of the “Happy Hour Squared” events thus far, more than 15,000 sandwiches have been made and immediately distributed to the hungry by Mr. Law’s MRD 363 Days Food Program.”

Here is the link to HH2 Facebook page

Here is the link to Brave New Workshop

The Behavioral Grooves is a non-profit monthly meetup of like-minded, behavioral-science nerds excited by application of good science in the real world. It was founded by Kurt Nelson, PhD and myself to bring those who want to share their experience together with those who want to learn.

Gather @ 5:00pm

Presentation @ 5:30pm

Discussion @ 5:50pm

Make Sandwiches @ 6:15pm (Optional)

More on the Behavioral Grooves at our Behavioral Grooves website.

The Behavioral Grooves operates in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago and Dallas.