the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.



Behavior is complex. To understand or change behavior, a rational approach is not enough. We’re contaminated by our biases. We take shortcuts.

Tap into the insights of behavioral sciences and you tap a (nearly) universal elixir to help people to make better decisions and live better lives.

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“Tim provides tremendous insight and direction both at a strategic and tactical level...”
— James Brewer, Director of Commercial Operations for the US, Eli Lilly Corporation. Indianapolis.
“…practical, workable insights to make the most of the complicated process that is human decision-making.”
— Jill Wheeler, Head of Sustainable Productivity, Syngenta. Minnetonka.
“Tim has helped me navigate building a business in emerging markets.”
— David Manly, President, Kawadah Farms. Liberia.
“…in-depth knowledge of business solutions aimed at influencing behaviors.”
— Scott Pete, President, Holistic Marketing. Minneapolis.
“…thought leadership and empathy always adds value.”
— Damian Walls, Global Account Leader, Grass Roots Group. London.


Behavioral sciences help explain our sometimes flawed decision making.

Harnessing them creates more effective marketing, higher ROI sales incentives, more engaged employees, deeply loyal customers and gathers people to your cause.